Harsin Reflects on the USA Win

Meeting with fans at the Brickhouse in Jonesboro, Bryan Harsin stressed the pride he had in how the Red Wolves had faced adversity and fought back.

Asked about the report in the Jonesboro Sun about Frankie Jackson challenging the team at half-time Harsin said "At some point a team gets tired of bad things happening."

Harsin and Julian Jones both spoke of Jackson challenging the team and said after he spoke, Clint Mitchell added his own challenges to the offense to step up.

Apparently the Force was with the Red Wolves Saturday night. Asked if Sterling Young lured Metheny into making the throw Young picked off, Harsin said, "It was a Jedi mind trick."

Harsin said he did not realize the field goal Davis made was going to be a 50 yard attempt, but knew looked in his range. He indicated that Davis made the field goal with such ease he knew he could call on him from longer range if he needed to.

Davis has been named a semi-finalist for the Lou Groza award. Harsin said that Davis has done everything asked of him and done it perfectly and should be a finalist and if he stays on the current pace should win the award.

Host Matt Stoltz remarked that he was amazed by the 36 yard pass Adam Kennedy completed to Julian Jones as he stayed in the pocket in the face of a blitz and got the pass off just before being leveled and then lined up and had a 13 yard carry on the next play.

Harsin said the coaches in press box were saying, "He can't get up, we've got to get him out, he can't catch his breath." After the carry Harsin said he told the coaches "I don't know if he can breathe but he can run!"

Julian Jones added that he wasn't surprised by Kennedy's play, "He never ceases to amaze me. He's a warrior."

Asked about the play when Kennedy turned down a touchdown to give A-State a chance to run out the clock Harsin said the play demonstrated how Kennedy is always thinking. He added that his mind knew that Kennedy made the right play but his body wanted him to score.

Reflecting on the South Alabama game, Harsin paid tribute to Julian Jones, Qushaun Lee and Sterling Young saying their passion and hard work made it possible to beat South Alabama.

Harsin said the Red Wolves have a few bumps and bruises but are mostly healthy except for Amos Draper. Draper underwent surgery to remove a bone chip from his foot but will be on the practice field this week.