Although it really had nothing to do with anything, but hitting rain just north of Monroe, La., Saturday brought and eerie feeling. The rain and Monroe combination spelled disaster the last time they converged down here.

But by the time we rolled out the town, the rain has pretty much disappeared and so had the hopes of a conference title for ULM with the 42-14 Red Wolves' victory.

As bad as that night was four years ago, this could not have been more different. The Red Wolves dominated in all three areas.

"We really didn't change anything that we had talked about prior to the game," said coach Bryan Harsin. "We talked about fighting in the game. We talked about offense and running the ball physically. We talked about defense playing the entire play every play because the quarterback is such a great scrambler. We talked about how on special teams (we needed to) simply out-hustle them. Period. It had nothing to do with scheme. It was a very simple plan that did not change coming into the second half. We just made some corrections as far as the concept that they beat us on. I thought the defense did a good job of that, but overall the whole concept was fight the whole entire time and I thought the guys did that."

And as the texts and messages came in, I agreed with them. I did not see this one coming.

So what we have now are six quarters of good football. And this is from a team earlier this year that was having trouble with two consecutive good drives.

And we must add who all was missing from the A-State effort. Senior running back David Oku and junior cornerback Andrew Tryon were back home after an incident last week. Coach Bryan Harsin said both should be back in team meetings on Monday.

Also, Amos Draper was again out, leaving a hole in the defensive front. He was replaced by redshirt freshman Darius Rosser, who showing he is an option going forward.

So with all of the holes filled, the Red Wolves went out and performed better than they have all season.

The Red Wolves offense finished with 494 yards offense and averaged 6.1 yards per play. A-State ran 15 more plays than ULM and held a time of possession advantage of almost 10-and a-half minutes.

ULM had 328 yards on offense, but the Warhawks were 2 of 14 on third-down conversions and suffered two intercetions.

ASU's special teams play was almost textbook. Ryan Carrathers blocked a field goal, LaAngelo Albright blocked a punt, both of which led to ASU touchdowns. Three of the Red Wolves' five punts were downed inside the 20 and four times after kickoffs the Warhawks started inside their 20.

"It's huge," Harsin said. "If you get two blocks on special teams, you're going to win the game. If you get five turnovers in a game, you're going to win the game. That's just how it is, bottom line. I didn't see Albright's block, I happened to be turned around on it, but I saw the end result of it. He was excited about it. I'll have to go back and look at it on tape, but that's huge. We talk about it every week. You don't know who it's going to be, you just know we have an opportunity and when it comes, everyone has to be full speed and Albright just happened to be the guy."