The View From Section E: I Beg to Disagree

It's not unusual that I disagree with posters on the site. It happens all the time but there are two themes gaining traction after Georgia State that I think are really off-base.

The first is the idea that the Red Wolves came out flat or over-looking or unprepared for Georgia State.

Arkansas State opened the game with a three play 57 yard touchdown drive. The second drive ended on the second play with a fumble. The third drive ended on a turnover on downs but had nearly broken the game open with a bomb to McCants that was over-turned on video review, a play McCants nearly made despite falling. The fourth drive fizzled when Kennedy was sacked and the fifth derailed when McKissic was called for offensive pass interference.

AState logged 35% of its yards of offense in the first quarter (102 yards) despite a turnover and a huge call over-ruling a catch.

On the defensive side Georgia went -10, 19 and 2 on its first three possessions. They had a 69 yard TD drive. GSU gained 94 yards, 22% of their game total in the first quarter.

While the Red Wolves clearly lost focus later in the game, AState's opening quarter performance does not support the idea that they came out on the field unready. Rather AState faced adversity and failed to respond the way they needed to.

As to coaching play selection was much like the rest of the games of the Red Wolves current win streak with the exception of the next to last drive of the second half when a pass gave AState a first down and then attempted four straight runs and turned the ball over on downs.

While some have described the fans reaction as booing it was as much of a collective groan than a case of booing.

Georgia State had a good game plan and miscues by AState gave a team hungry for a win a taste of the possibility that they might win.