Taking Another Step On The Journey

Making another GoDaddy Bowl appearance is a big step for the Red Wolves. In a year when eight bowl eligible teams found themselves with no place to go AState was able to secure a bowl berth before they secured their third Sun Belt title.

The GoDaddy Bowl officials were willing to lock Arkansas State in because the Red Wolf fan base has bought tickets, filled hotels, spent a lot at bars and restaurants and created a reputation for being easy to work with a fan based that treats people right.

Supporting a bowl well pays dividends. You've heard it from us and from the AState administration and you just saw that dividend check hit the bank. AState's proven bowl support got the Red Wolves back in a bowl.

We just have to keep it rolling. R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl has made their love for UL Lafayette apparent and while the league adds other opportunities the reality is a stronger South Alabama is going to have a leg up on the GoDaddy, Troy will have the advantage with the new game in Montgomery and the eastern Sun Belt schools will have the advantage with the rotating bids in Miami and Boca Raton.

Take nothing for granted. It is essential to future opportunities to prove to the GoDaddy that they made the right call taking AState for a third straight year.

Things don't always fall your way. Ask Boise State who missed a bowl in 2001 at 8-4 with a bowl game being played in their stadium. Ask MTSU and La.Tech last year and WKU this year. The best insurance is strong sales and support.

Get your friends and family lined up for this trip, especially if they aren't big AState fans. A bowl trip is like the greatest tailgate party ever because it goes so far beyond the parking area around the stadium. Every place you go around the bowl city you run into other fans all bound together by the red and black you are all wearing.

A friend married a woman from Nebraska. Many years ago I asked him when they were going to the in-laws for their Christmas trip. He said he wouldn't know until Nebraska's bowl game was announced because most of the members of her large family planned each year for a bowl game as their family vacation or one of their vacations.

Imagine developing that sort of culture at AState!

We are moving that direction. My wife as the season wore on was asking what bowl we would go to, what dates to block off at work.

The bowl experience is that fun and that great for families.

In 2004 on the old site before we had made our first bowl, I wrote of how bowls were better than the FCS playoff experience after being in Orlando as the LSU and Iowa fans began arriving. We saw LSU players screaming like little girls on rides at Universal and signing autographs as they walked around. That was when I first really understood how good the bowl experience can be.

I saw it again on the streets of Mobile as AState players seemed completely overwhelmed by the AState fans wishing them good luck and watching them jostle for mardi gras beads and moon pies and handing them to kids around them.

Go be a part of it.