How it Happened: Final Minutes of the Bowl

A look at the final two drives of the 2014 GoDaddy Bowl.

On 3d at the ASU 1, 3-G ASU 01 EDWARDS, Jahwan Edwards scores on a 1-yard run with 1:33 left. Scott Secor's extra point made it 20-16 Ball State.

Arkansas State

R.J. Flemming returns short kickoff 26 yards to ASU 41, 1:25 left.

1st and 10. Fredi Knighten passes to Julian Jones for 11 yards to Ball St 48.

1st and 10. Knighten runs for 3 yards and goes out of bounds at BSU45.

2nd and 7. Knighten passes to J.D. McKissic for 26 yards to Ball State 19.

1st and 10. Knighten rushes for 6 to Ball State 13.

2nd and 4 Knighten passes to Allen Muse, for 13 yards and touchdown. 32 seconds left.

Brian Davis kicks extra point for 23-20 ASU lead.

Davis kickoff 39 yards to the BSU 26, Zane Fakes return 10 yards. 28 seconds left.

1st and 10. Keith Wenning pass incomplete to Willie Snead.

2nd and 10. Wenning pass incomplete to Jamill Smith.

3rd and 10, Wenning pass complete to Smith for 18 yards to the ASU46. Time out Cardinals. :11 remaining.

1st and 10 Wenning pass incomplete to Snead.

2nd and 10 ASU 46 Timeout Ball State, :06.

Wenning pass complete to Snead for 10 yards to the ASU36.

Personal foul penalty against Red Wolves.

1st and 10 ASU 21.

Timeout Ball State. :02 left.

Timeout Arkansas State, :02 left.

Scott Secor 38 field goal blocked by Ryan Carrethers.

What they said: "I went down and told him he was about to be the MVP and take us down and score. And I believed that, and I think that came true. That's just the way things were tonight. We had some opportunities that we just didn't take care of. But we've seen Fredi do that a lot and move it around and make some plays with his heart and his feet. And that's what he did."

"The blocked kick -- what a true professional man Steve Caldwell is. We told him on the sideline we were going to block it, and I really meant it. Did everybody on the defensive line get their hands on it? I think it was smothered.
– John Thompson.

"We all knew that we had 1:33 left, and we knew that the seniors need this more than anything. So we had to suck it up and we did that.

"It was awesome. I knew my teammates were behind me, and with two minutes left, they had faith in me. I just wanted to do it for them, and I'm just happy that God blessed me with the ability to do it."
_ Fredi Knighten

The drive that we gave up what ended up being the winning score, it was four verticals. We ran a pretty good coverage to cover it. We just didn't get our safety over the top so that was a big, explosive play that they got on that drive. The touchdown was a pump fake, which our corner bit on a little bit and our safety didn't get over the top of the corner route so that was disappointing execution on that.

On the field goal operation, obviously we were well within range, it felt like even without the personal foul, that we would have had a shot with that really heavy wind at our back. Scott has a pretty strong leg as you saw earlier in the game. I would like to see the film on the field goal. It looked to me like the operation was okay. Obviously they were in an all out block. It looked like there might have been some penetration, but I also think the kick was probably a little low. So we'll have to take a look at that. You guys probably saw the replay upstairs so you have a better idea that I do right now.
- Pete Lembo