Five Reasons To Get Up For Hoops

Ok, your friends are getting a little bit tired of you showing "hide the midget" to them on Youtube and the repeated playings of the radio calls of the big plays are driving everyone crazy and your Bill Keedy impression isn't really that good. So here's five reasons to get into Red Wolves hoops.

1. You aren't ready to give up on football? Fine for UALR on January 25 the Convo will be loaded with football prospects who want to see if AState fans really are that great in person. Show up get loud and mark it down as your effort to help football.

2. Five road wins. Arkansas State is 5-3 on the road so far.

3. Leading the league, OK there are several 2-0 teams in conference play but that won't last long. After this two game home stand against Troy and South Alabama, AState travels to 2-0 Western Kentucky and 2-0 Georgia State then returns home for 2-0 UALR. The Red Wolves need to gain momentum for that big swing and loud and rowdy fans Thursday for Troy and Saturday for South Alabama is just what they need.

4. Saturday's game against South Alabama will be televised regionally on the Sun Belt Network, make AState look good to people across the south by filling those seats and making noise.

5. It's your team! Red Wolf basketball is experiencing more success than in several years, get out there and show some appreciation for a team that is playing better and prove that AState will support winning basketball.