GoDaddy Win Puts Sun Belt on Top

Winning a bowl game has many benefits and this year the Sun Belt Conference will gain from AState's GoDaddy victory.

A bowl victory offers many benefits, it's a brag point on the recruiting trail, it gives the seniors a great final team memory, it sets a positive tone among the players heading to spring practice, and a win energizes the fan base. Arkansas State's victory over Ball State provided 1.4 million more benefits.

The BCS revenue distribution for the non-AQ schools is divided into two pools. The first pool is divided equally among the non-AQ leagues. The second pool is divided into shares depending on how each league performed overall in the combined average of the BCS computer rankings. The top rated league received four shares, the second received three shares, the third received two shares, while the lowest rated received one share.

The Sun Belt was ranked #2 among the MAC, C-USA, and MWC going into the GoDaddy Bowl. One improbable last minute TD drive and a blocked field goal later, the Sun Belt ended as the top ranked non-AQ league.

Arkansas State's win over Ball State provided enough of a boost in the computer rankings to push the Sun Belt to the top of the non-AQ leagues and boosted the league's BCS revenue by $1.4 million.

This follows a #2 ranking for the Sun Belt at the end of the 2012 season.

The new CFP will provided a similar ranking based funding formula in addition to a payment of roughly $12 million annually to each of the Group of Five conferences. The American Athletic will join the Sun Belt, MAC, C-USA and Mountain West in the formula next season