AStatenation Recruiting Round-Up

Among the things shared by Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson at Thursday's first Central Arkansas Recruiting Roundup was his revenge on quarterback recruit James Tabary.

You may have heard that Tabary, the talented quarterback signee from New Orleans Holy Cross, called Anderson a few days before signing day and told the coach East Carolina had offered and he committed. After a few seconds of silence, and his heart dropping, Anderson said he heard snickering on the other end.

"He didn't have a very good poker face, he started laughing. I told him there would be payback."

So on the drive to Little Rock today, Anderson said he received a text from Tabary wondering when his playbook would arrive. The coach decided it was the perfect time for pay back.

"I called him and told him that coach Bell was rehired back at North Carolina and I had hired an offensive coordinator from Georgia Tech and we were going to triple option football. James started saying well coach this and that …. I told him he would be fine in the offense. He can run. Things will work out.

"Then I told him about payback."

He also shared the story of visiting signee Christian Beard from Waco, Texas and he and offensive line coach Glen Elarbee both wearing all black. The Beards have three dogs and two cats, almost all of them with white hair.

"We left there and Coach Elarbee and I were both covered in hair. I always carry a lint brush with me because you never know, but we went through that thing and it did not make a dent."

Other items:

--A.J. Turner, the East Poinsett product who transferred from Arkansas, is not eligible but will apply for a waiver of the one-year transfer rule.

-- Daniel Keith, the offensive tackle from Florence, Ala., turned down both Miami and Louisville during the final week.

--"We know people are going to come after our players,'' he said. "The SEC, ACC and Big Ten are going to target our players because they know the type of guys we recruit."

-- On the AState brand: "Kids knew who we were. We did not get all of the ones we talked to but because of the success of the program they listened."

--On recruiting Arkansas: "We will have someone go into every school in Arkansas every year even if they don't have someone we are recruiting. There might be an 8th grader coming up and we need to know about him."

(This is not something that was discussed at the meeting but all nine coaches will have a territory in Arkansas.)

--Anderson is not a fan of the proposed 10-second delay before an offense but run a play. "I hope it does not pass. We want to play fast."

--Mention of Anderson's tweet declaring he was sick of moving was warmly received by the audience.

-- Anderson said they are not looking for players who can compete in the Sun Belt, the staff is looking for players who can help win the Sun Belt and make Arkansas State the best non-BCS team in the country.

--Coach Anderson brought his dad Scott Anderson with him to the event. Dad said the family lived in Jonesboro for 6 months, and that was where Blake was born. Two other places they lived, Hattiesburg, Miss., and Lafayette, La. were also coaching stops for Blake.

"When he told me was taking the job in Jonesboro, I told his that is where it all began for you," said the elder Anderson.