Board Outage Update

As you know the message boards are down again. We have been assured by Scout that upgrades required to set this right are underway. Below the latest from Scout.

We apologize for the forums issues this past week. They arise from having to replace obsolete hardware that had not been updated under previous ownership. These updates had originally been planned for after NCAA basketball season, to minimize intrusiveness, but we obviously now will be accelerating this work. We will do whatever it takes to provide stability, speed and capacity, but will err on the side of getting things right for the long haul as opposed to a Band-Aid approach.

What happened? The first outage was caused by two hard drives failing within minutes of each other (the system can easily recover from one), in a particular way that required restoring databases rather than simply replacing hardware. It's not a million-to-one chance, but close, and had not happened since these forums came online in 2006. Today's outage was a little different, our datacenter tech initiated a routine configuration change to fix a slow-performing drive (rebuilt a RAID volume for any geeks in the audience), and that unexpectedly rippled through the system.

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