Conversation with Blake Anderson Part I

Blake Anderson took time to visit in-depth with the media. In part one, Anderson talks about depth, spring drills, and special teams

Special teams

That is a big difference maker in close games. Big difference maker in game where you might be a little out-talented at times. We have to find guys to make some game-changing plays in that area.

Spring practice.

"For the players it is learning. For the staff it is evaluating."

"Out of the 15 days you will have 10 days when you can evaluate. Scrimmage days are pure evaluation."

Off-season work

"I'm impressed with the work ethic, but you don't do what they have done the past three years without a good work ethic. Been real pleased; very few hiccups.

"One of the things that been really impressive is how much our kids have been in the building volunteering to watch film. They do that without being asked.

"For us as a team we have got to find the identity of our team. We have to find out who the guys are. Right now they are just names on a board. We need to know who we can count on.

Depth chart

We are building on that now through the offseason work. We have watch game film and we know who has made plays in the past but you don't want to just lock your sights into that, maybe there is a guy who has been overlooked or has developed late in the season and has gotten better in the off-season. We are going to start fresh. We are starting to see guys who are leaders, who are work-ethic guys, guy who can get it right away and you see guys who move the other way, when it gets tough they back down, guys who don't want to compete.

"I have watched 6 or 7 games when I was here during Christmas break and I watched practices. I got a glimpse of is athletic and cam move around. … I want them to all know they have a clean slate. I want them to start from scratch and to be who they want to be. No matter what has happened in the past. If they were the worst guy on the team they can now change and be the best guy and start over."

"Fredi Knighten will be in the first huddle at quarterback. But that job is still open.


"We have some holes and that is what happens when you have four coaches in four years. That is why we signed seven defensive linemen and we need all seven to be ready to play.

"We have a lot of tight ends, linebackers and a very good secondary.

"We are very thin at defensive line, running back and wide outs.


Varsity players will stay in Jonesboro; newcomers likely to report for second summer term on July 2.

"We have a little problem there because we open fall camp on Aug. 30 and the second summer term does not end until August 6.

" We are going to focus on Game 1. After we beat Montana State we will then focus on the second game.

"We want to be the best non-BCS team in the country. We want to play in a BCS bowl. That is the goal.