Questions for Spring Practice

Spring practice for the Red Wolves will hopefully provide the answers to these seven questions facing Arkansas State football.

1. Who plays quarterback? We expect it to be a battle between Fredi Knighten and Cameron Birse. Can Knighten throw well enough so defenses don't just feel he is a runner? Can Birse run well enough to make defenses feel he is more than a passer? Can Stephen Hogan, who played well last spring, fit in the picture?

2. The defensive line! Major depth concern here. Dexter Blackmon is limited in the spring because of off-season surgery. Darrius Rosser played well at times as a redshirt freshman but there just aren't many bodies there. Expect to see some movements from the OL to fill the void and hopefully find some help. Spring may not answer the questions here but help is on the way since we signed 7 recruits at that position.

3. D-line, part 2: There is a major need for a pass rusher off the edge. The previous staff liked the DEs signed in 2013 but there will be a big opportunity there. Javon Jones, who had a shot at starting last season before a preseason injury, has shown well in early work.

4. Offensive line – There are basically (Kyle Harris) 2.5 starters back. We give the half to Allen Wright, who has a hand full of career starts. One juco was brought in and Blake Anderson has said the two freshmen OT will get a shot to see if they are ready. Protecting the corners is paramount.

5. Wide receivers – There is a big hole here, especially on the outside. We heard glowing reports of freshman Dijon Paschal from the fall and so far in the spring.

6. Running backs – The cavalry is on the way. There is a chance a backup for Michael Gordon can emerge this spring but most likely the backups will come from the three freshmen signed last month.

7. Tight ends. This is now so much of a concern but the fact that we have five. Expect Darion Griswold, Warren Leapheart and Kenneth Rains to stay, but backups Jonah Hill, who might get a shot at DE, and Jerry Moorehead to get possible looks at other positions.