April 7 Scrimmage

From what he saw on the field, coach Blake Anderson liked the work of the Arkansas State Red Wolves. But that was first evaluation.

"I was pleased,'' the first-year head coach said. "It was a good day. We did not make any critical mistakes that would have killed us in a game.

"The offense did a good job not of not turning the ball over and I think they found a way to get it into the end zone a couple of times. The defense came up with some big plays. They did have a pick for a touchdown. I don't know which group it was against. The energy was good."

Stephen Hogan scored on a touchdown run and Fredi Kighten and Cameron Birse tossed touchdown passes.

Knighten has been getting most of the work at the No. 1 quarterback but Stephen Hogan has been keeping pressure. Birse has been the No. 3.

"It was good to see him step up and close the gap some and make it a three-man race," said Anderson.

"This was a big day for everyone who wants to hold on to a position or try and move up and grab one. There is not a position out there that is safe. We made that clear from day one. This was a huge test for everyone. There was a lot of work out there 1s vs. 1s."

One player who may have made a move at tailback was DeKethan Williams, who has made the move from safety and is working for the backup spot behind Michael Gordon.

"We sat Mike down some because he has been getting most of the reps," said Anderson.

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