Anderson Disappointed With Practice

The Arkansas State Red Wolves learned what is like when coach Blake Anderson is not pleased with practice.

"They have got to learn when they have a chance to cut loose they need to cut loose," said Anderson after Wednesday's practice.

"We corrected some things more schemematicaly than anything. The biggest correction we have to make is we did not play hard enough. The bottom line it was not done at any one position across the line. It was not violent, it was not physical and it was not fast. So we addressed that and we are they are fixing to address that in a little while."

The Red Wolves had an extended running and conditioning period at the end of the workout on Wednesday.

"We are very clear what our effort level is what we expect," Anderson said. "I showed them pictures of what I expect it to look like visually and we have addressed it in ever meeting.

"I am hoping when we come out Monday and we come back out and play another game I hope it changes. If not it is going to be a very long week for them against next week."

The Red Wolves ran 107 plays in the scrimmage. The second scrimmage is scheduled for Monday evening. The team will have another regular workout on Friday.

"We graded their effort and we had them grade their effort," said Anderson. "And after giving them a definition they graded the effort pretty sternly.

"It was poor, really poor. Very controlled. That was a game. That was not a controlled practice. That was the first time they were told they could loose and play full speed and nobody did. There were a lot of guys who did not pursue the ball very well. There were guys who conserved and we are not going to be abour conserving energy. We are going to play as hard as we can play. And I think we are getting the point across. Sometimes you have to let them do it wrong before you can fix it and that is really what we did."

What does the coach expect to see Friday?

"A little more bounce," he said. Their bodies should feel better. We hope for reduced mistakes and just a better attitude. I am challenging them to set their standards higher to expect more of themselves."

Anderson did say because of the lack of depth the team has been limited in contact work and that certain players – JD McKissic, Michael Gordon, Q Lee and Chis Stone have been held back because of their workload over previous seasons.

"We don't have a lot of depth," he said. "That is why we are not getting a lot of live work because we don't have depth."

Anderson did like a little more of what he saw on Wednesday.

"It went good," he said. "There were still way too many mental misstates and that was frustrating. We have got to cut down on those and we have for the most part slowed down on install. I am hoping on Friday we come back and make a few less. For a day after a big scrimmage, bodies are still sore, it was kinda what we expected. The tempo is a little slower than normal because they are beat us a little bit.


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