Red Wolves Step Up in Friday Practice

Disappointed by the showing in the Monday scrimmage, coach Blake Anderson and the Red Wolves' staff worked the team long and hard on Wednesday to get their point across.

"Yes they pushed us to the limit, and everyone responded," said senior safety Sterling Young.

"They did respond," said Anderson. "I don't know if what we said or what we did had a lot to do with it. But I hope that they did. It was a good day to come back from.

I feel better about today. If asked that earlier in the week not real happy. I really thought this was our best practice in terms of beginning to end with good quality work, guys flying around, the effort and energy level was as high as we have had. Guys practice well. We had some competitive drills; guys going at it, a couple of scuffles along the way. Some work was really physical. I am pleased with what we are getting done. We still have a tremendous amount of work technically to get better. They are bringing the work ethic that we need. "

In third-down drills, the defense at times had the upper hand.

Coach (Joe) Cauthen seems to think they got their tails handed to them," said Anderson. "It is all your perspective. It is hard to say with an early whistle. I wasn't really sure. I was concentrating on the effort and the tempo and guys staying off the ground. They got to the quarterback several times and there would have been some huge collisions if they were going live today.

"We had 3 interceptions and we had a ball on the ground. That is not what we are looking for and we made it a big point before we started to protect the ball. Not sure what caused them. There were a couple of tipped balls. Some of it may be out of the QB control but I know there was one that was forced. We just can't have that happen.

"It was normal D and D and transition to third-and-short. We have not done a lot of third- and-short; we have had a lot of third-and-medium and a third-and-long and I wanted to make them aware of it. Not real sure how we did. I think the offense did OK. We should be 75 to 85 percent in that range".

The Red Wolves have a scrimmage scheduled for Monday, their second of the spring. The annual Spring Game will be on Friday.

Post-Practice audio by Randy Myers and AStatenaton radion.

Blake Anderson

Sterling Young

Rocky Hayes

Cameron Birse