Scrimmage set for Monday

The first scrimmaged did not go as planned in the Arkansas State coaches' eyes. A lot different showing is expected this evening when the Red Wolves' have their second scrimmage of spring practice at Centenenial Bank Stadium.

"They did respond," said Anderson. "I don't know if what we said or what we did had a lot to do with it. But I hope that they did. It was a good day to come back from.

"I feel better about today. If asked that earlier in the week not real happy. I really thought this was our best practice in terms of beginning to end with good quality work, guys flying around, the effort and energy level was as high as we have had. Guys practice well. We had some competitive drills. … I am pleased with what we are getting done. We still have a tremendous amount of work technically to get better. They are bringing the work ethic that we need. "

Tonight's workout will be the first of its kind this spring.

"All of the drills we have done to this point we have had e have had five plays off the field, eight plays off the field, 10 plays," said Anderson. "Monday if the defense stops them they will come off the field. They get a turnover they come off the field. There are going to be more true-game situations.

"We will have some red zone stuff. We will have some scores on stuff. We will have a backup series, some 2 minute. We will do some situational stuff. It will the first time we have really allowed the sudden change situations and defense to get off the field to see how that changes the momentum of the scrimmage. That always has a different effect than going 10 plays at a time. The offense is going to have to move the ball on third downs to stay on the field. "

The goal of the coaching staff.

"Reduce mistakes and better effort," Anderson said. "I did not think the effort was good last week. We had way too many mistakes. Those are two things we addressed.

"We will just challenge them to come back Monday, they have two days to get their body fresh, with great effort. We talk about fanatical effort. We want that kind of day and reduced mistakes."

The scrimmage is expected to run around 100 plays and two hours.