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Nick Bhardwaj paid $11,700 to coach the Red Wolves' 2014 spring game, but the experience was priceless. When Nick Bhardwaj bid to be the Red Wolves' Head Coach for a day, he didn't think the experience would be this exhilarating.

The head coach of the black team for the 2014 "Monster Mash" was all smiles after his team handed Coach Larry Lacewell's red team a 48-17 loss on Friday night at Centennial Bank Stadium. "This was one great experience" said Bhardwaj "I really enjoyed it. I got a chance to see what a college football offense looks like, and it was probably the fastest one I have ever seen. It was eye opening."

Bhardwaj, who dropped out of college at San Jose State to pursue a carer in technology, soon realized being a coach wasn't a cake walk "Saying I was unprepared was being nice" said Bhardwaj "But, in the end, it felt real, it felt good. I know where I need to improve on in terms of learning. But, if I had to rate myself on a scale from 1-10 go where I am as a coach it would have to be a -12. I have so much to learn if I ever want to continue in this." Bhardwaj went on to add that while he thinks he can improve as a coach, he thinks he is the best coach in the nation with just six days of experience.

Bhardwaj has always had a passion for college football and has even gone as far as to watch film "I always looked at and reviewed tapes, but nothing like this" stated Bhardwaj "We spent 2 hours breaking film down." While analyzing film was fun for Coach Bhardwaj, seeing the product on the field was even more enjoyable "It's fun to see it all come together" said Bhardwaj "It's also, in a weird way, fun to see it all fall apart."

The coach for the day, Nick Bhardwaj, came to Jonesboro wanting to increase his football knowledge "I wanted to just learn, hear the playcalls and understand the tempo of the game" Bhardwaj said. One person who helped him increase his knowledge and passion for the game was A-stAte assistant coach Trooper Taylor "He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Period." said Bhardwaj "He has a passion and drive that I immensely respect, a lot of people love the game, but this guy shows it on the field. He lives and breathes football and I love that."

Trooper Taylor also developed a new hobby for Nick Bhardwaj " Coach Taylor has showed me his ring 12 times, which I love." said Bhardwaj "It's funny because I just told these guys that I love collecting rings, primarily I collect sports rings, but clearly I have to start collecting college football rings, these things are gorgeous."

As afore mentioned, Nick Bhardwaj coached against Arkansas State coaching legend Larry Lacewell, which was a honor according to Coach Bhardwaj " He's great" stated Bhardwaj " That's a living legend and I was blown away that he was gonna be part of this process. He is a great guy and he's got stories for days, and I respect that, anyone with 5 rings has got my respect."

Bhardwaj's coaching campaign ended the way every coach in college football wants their tenure to end, with a powerade bath. "I loved the powerade bath, but I hated the timing. Before the powerade hit we gave up a 43 yard pass, or something that is unacceptable." Bhardwaj joked "But, it was a great feeling"

Bhardwaj will head back to the state of California after spending 2 days in Jonesboro, but plans to come back in the near future "I have plans to come back, hypothetically, absolutely." stated Bhardwaj "Any real plans, though, I don't know. I don't even know where I am right now at the time. But, I definitely want to try to make it to at least one game this season. Next season what's great is they have a game with USC, which is an hour away, so clearly I have to go." Bhardwaj joked that he would not go to game in Idaho, however, saying he wanted to "enjoy the city."

In the end, the move to allow the public to bid to coach the Arkansas State spring game worked in Arkansas State's favor, as they have gained a new fan and maybe even a new booster.