Mohajir on Scheduling and Expansion

Arkansas State athletic director Terry Mohajir said the Red Wolves' long range plans for football scheduling could eliminate games with FCS (I-AA) schools.

"This is something we are going to have to evaluate that," he said. "Being on the CFP advisory board we are going to have to really evaluate that. The last one we have scheduled is '16. Right now I have no plans to schedule another one."

The Red Wolves will play Montana State in the season-opener in August. Missouri State is on the books for 2015 and Central Arkansas is the game set for 2016.

"We have all kinds of things in the hopper," he said. "We are calling people. All kinds of stuff. It could be some really cool stuff."

The Red Wolves' 2015 non-conference schedule is Missouri State and Missouri in Jonesboro and road games at Toledo and Southern California (USC).

The 2016 non-conference games are at Auburn, at Utah State and UCA and Toledo, which will be the home opener.

Miami is scheduled to come to Jonesboro in 2017. "And we are working on a few things," he said.

The Red Wolves have signed a home and home with UNLV for 2017-18.

He said the plan is to have at least six home games each season.

"That is the goal and that is my challenge," he said. "That is what I would like to do and that is what our fans deserve."

Mohajir did not give the possible addition of Massachusetts a ringing endorsement. The move would give the Sun Belt 12 teams and a possible conference championship game.

"If it brings revenue and prestiege then I am all for it," he said. "Absent of revenue and prestiege , as far as the quality of the university, I don't know what the benefits would be.

"It may end up being a disadvantage unless you can show significant revenue as a result of that. I did the research and last year and in 40 percent of the conference championship the results were a negative result. Northern Illinois got beat out of a BCS game. Fresno, Alabama, Ohio State all lost. So, that is pretty significant data I would say.

"I am all for exploring new options. But look last year we did not have a championship game and out of the group of five we were still ranked No. 1."