Football Will Take New Approach to Camps

AState head coach Blake Anderson is bringing a new wrinkle to his football camps this summer.

The NCAA will not allow a member to hold a camp outside of the school's home state. However a school may partner with another member and participate in a camp hosted by a school in another state.

In the Sun Belt, Atlanta based Georgia State has chosen to partner with Big Ten member Penn State to offer a camp in Georgia.

Arkansas State on the other hand will work with lower division schools in Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. The partnership allows AState to have direct camp time with players who may be reluctant to come to a camp in Arkansas or may not have the time or financial ability to travel to an Arkansas based camp. Having an FBS school present allows the Division II or Division III school to attract higher caliber athletes than they would normally see at their camps.

These camps will be in addition to the camps held in Jonesboro over the summer.

The camp locations for this summer tour have a history of producing FBS talent. They are also in areas AState recruits regularly.

Here are the 2014 camps and the number of FBS signees rated two stars or better from the area from 2002 to 2013

Springdale / Washington County and bordering counties: 37
Little Rock / Pulaski County and bordering counties: 48
Canton, MS / Madison County and bordering counties: 65
Texarkana / Miller County and bordering counties/parishes: 73
Birmingham, AL / Jefferson County and bordering counties: 167
Lewisville, TX / Denton County and bordering counties 216 (this omits Dallas and Tarrant counties).
Duncanville, TX / Dallas County and bordering counties 492+ (I don't have data for Tarrant County as a result this number is probably low by 300 to 400 signees as a result)