Hoops May Not Be Done Recruiting

One move two weeks ago added a little more to the recruiting process for Arkansas State coach John Brady.

Starting to focus on the soon arriving 2014-15 class, senior guard Rakeem Dickerson told the coach he intended to leave the program and transfer to another school.

"Here is a guy who is going to be a senior, and has been a contributor to the team for three years and his family decides he needs to move on," said Brady. "Instead of being concerned about 10 more minutes a game and five more shots a game for next year there needs to be a concern about what a college degree means the next 40 years.

"Here is a guy who has a chance to graduate. I told him he will have all next year and if he needs to come back in the summer to finish up we will pay for that. I have been around basketball a long time and I have seen players make some great decisions and I have seen them make some that are not good decisions. This definitely falls in the not good decisions."

With that move, the Red Wolves went into action to fill his spot on the roster.

"We have a guy who we are going to bring in for a visit,'' said Brady. "He has some other options but we will see."

The Red Wolves plan to add three players in the recruiting class for next year.

"We want to sign a perimeter and post, and we want them be high school players," he said. "The third guy will be the best available, could be another high school or a junior college.

"Or if we get the two guys we want early, then we might hold the scholarship and see what happens in the spring. You know there were hundreds of kids this year looking to transfer. If you save it then you might find a fit there.

"But if we get the right guy, we could go ahead and sign all three in the fall."