Offensive Line: Position Breakdown

The Red Wolves expected to have an offensive line anchored by experience but now brace for the loss of center Bryce Giddens, an all-conference candidate, and are fortunate to have hometown prospect Tyler Greve to step in at center.

The candidates:

Tyler Greve (6-4, 301) RSr.; Jhamahl Bell (6-3, 295) Fr.; Colton Jackson (6-4, 276) RSo.; Christian Beard (6-4, 270) Fr.; Kyle Harris (6-4, 280) RJr.; Steven Stevens (6-4, 296) RJr.; Brennan Tutor (6-4, 270) Sr.; Alan Wright (6-2, 307) RSr.; Travis Bodenstein (6-4, 308) RJr.; Devin Mondie (6-5, 291) RSo.; Austin Moreton (6-1, 308) RSo.; Daniel Keith (6-5, 275) Fr.; Adam Whalen (6-6, 250) RFr.; Jemar Clark (6-6, 304) RSo.; Jonathan Hamilton (6-0, 300) Jr.

Alan Wright started, or played enough to be considered a starter; at guard last year and Colton Jackson was the starter at tackle a year ago as a redshirt freshman.

The Analysis:

It is not quite as brutal as the defensive line, but this unit does not have a lot of depth either. Freshman Daniel Keith from Florence, Ala., is in the mix for playing time and Devin Mondie and Jemar Clark will make it three redshirt-sophomores on the front line (Jackson is the other). Going into the season opener the Red Wolves’ coaching staff feels like they have seven guys who are ready.

Staying healthy is vital.

Coach speak from Blake Anderson: “It is progressing. We are starting to get some guys well. We had a couple of guys beat up but we are starting to get some guys back in the mix. Those guys have not played a lot of snaps. I think it is the hardest position to jell at because you count on each other so much. And we are going to take every rep we can get to we get them to where they all communicate. They are all working hard. I like the effort; I like their attitudes. We just need more reps.

John Hamilton, a juco transfer from California, is getting most of second reps at center. Kyle Harris has taken some reps. He played some center at South Carolina. From there we are still looking and trying to develop some guys.

Left guard is Devin Mondie who has been solid and Tank (Allen Wright) has been solid at right guard. Those guys have not missed a whole lot of reps. from there it is kinda musical chairs. We have played a little bit of everybody trying to find the right mix.

The left tackle is Jemar (Clark) backed up by Daniel Keith. At right tackle it is Colton Jackson and is really backed up by Kyle Harris, but Harris is double training at center. I don’t know if we will actually have a two deep at each spot. We have a couple of swing guys. Who is our next center? Who is the next guard at either side; who is the next tackle at either side?

It’s definitely a concern. I don’t know that we have tremendous depth at any place except for the secondary. Really everywhere we are somewhat thin. Or numbers are down and will take a couple of recruiting to get our depth back.

My biggest concern is probably the offensive line and will be until they have had enough reps to truly jell, communicate better and work together.”