UT's Butch Jones on AState

Tennessee coach Butch Jones at his weekly press conference talking about the Arkansas State Red Wolves.

"Arkansas State come here expecting to win no matter who the coach has been. They win and they go to bowl games and you look at their body of work over a long period of time it is very, very impressive. They are an uptempo, no huddle offense. They like to snap the ball exceptionally quick. Their offensive line does a great job. Their center is the gas pedal and he goes a great job and they all go sprinting to the line of scrimmage and getting lined up, they all do. They have one of the best kickers in the country, he can flip field position in a hurry.

They are a veteran group on the back end of their defense. Their secondary will pose a great, great challenge. They are very physical. They run to the football. Their quarterback is dynamic with the ball in his hands but he can also distribute the football. They have good wide receivers. So they are a good football team and our football team has to come ready to play."

On the Arkansas State defense:
"More similar in style to our defense. They are very, very talented in the back end of their defense. They run well and they are very, very physical. Their linebackers are physical, downhill and the defensive front is very active. It will be a different moving forward from what we saw vs. Utah State.

On the Red Wolves winning despite coaching changes.
"I think it is how you look at it. It is difficult because we know first-hand you win with consistency and continuity. But those have been some great coaches and they have a great coaching staff. Their players are well prepared. They challenged you schematically and on special teams with all the different looks that they present. And with their little different nuances that they present schematically on offense and defense as well. They are an extremely well coached football team. They play with great effort. They have a passion to get to the football.

" But everything is how you look at it , just like in life, they have been touched by some great football coaches so they learned the fine details of football fundamentals. It can also be held to ones advantage because of all the different coaches you go through and you learn the game of football. They have a great coaching staff in place right now and I have a lot of respect for them."

On Fredi Knighten.
Explosive, Dynamic with the ball in his hands. Has to be accounted for, in everything that he does. He can distribute the football in the ways that you just mentioned. He can flip field position . He can change the game with one snap.

On Trooper Taylor
"I have met him a few times but not socially. I know a lot of people who do know him and they speak very fondly of him."

On Fredi Knight compared to Utah State's Keaton
You are talking two totally different dynamics at quarterback. What we do defensively will be different than what we did against Utah State. You know every game is different, Eagh games takes on a flavor of its own. So you will see some differences. Both are very, very good quarterbacks but they are particularly different.

They (A-State) are going to involved the quarterback more in the run game, in the reads. They call plays for the quarterback. He is the catalyst whether it is throwing the football or running the football. They have designed runs for him and rightfully so. He is very dynamic."