By The Numbers: First Drive Offense

After four games, one-third of the season in the books, the numbers so far reveal a mixed bag for the Red Wolf offense.

Much of Arkansas State’s offensive production is coming off the opening drive of the game. In four games, AState has scored twice on the opening drive and entered the red zone on another but turned the ball over. The opening drive at Miami where the Red Wolves lost 22 yards on a botched snap / fumble was the only non-productive opening drive.

The opening drive is accounting for 21% of AState’s first half yards and 33.3% of first half points but it is only 14.3% of the Red Wolves first half possessions.

14% of all points score in regulation have come off the first drive and 11.6% of the yards gained, but only 6.8% of AState’s offensive plays in regulation have come on the opening drive.

Against FBS competition averaging 9 points in the second half and 8.7 points in the first half and averaging 2 points on the opening drive, still nearly 24% of first half points even though the opening drive is only 14.3% of the first half possessions against FBS schools.

Despite the drop in effectiveness after the opening drive, AState is still performing fairly well overall offensively when adjusting for the competition.

Arkansas State against FBS schools is comparing relatively well in scoring compared to the opponent’s points allowed considering the inexperience and injuries on the offensive line, the injury to Gordon and Knighten’s adjustment to a starting role. AState scored 19 against Tennessee, the Vols are giving up 20 per game. Scored 20 against Miami, they are giving up 24.8 points per game. The Red Wolves scored 21 against Utah State and the Aggies are giving up 25.8 points per game.

AState opening drive offense
44 yard average, 8 yards per play 3.25 points per opening drive.

AState first half offense
209 yards, 4.9 yards per play, 9.75 points

AState second half offense
168.25 yards, 4.5 yards per play, 12.75 points.