Monday Press Conference Quotes and Video

Quotes from Coach Anderson and Georgia State coach Trent Miles with video from Monday's AState press conference

Coach Anderson

“Our defense played well, especially early. It was a battle of two really good defenses. We were able to get things going better in the second half and the defense continued to play well. That was the difference. Our defense has played lights out the last couple of weeks

This week is kinda a different challenge. This is a different type of football team in Georgia State. We are going to have to do a great job defending the passing and eliminating the turnovers on offense. Team-wise we have to reduce penalties. That is trend we need to get away from the last couple of weeks or it is going to cost us game.

I really do believe our conditioning took a toll in the second half. I don’t think they play a lot of guys on defense. We were still playing fast in third and fourth quarters.

And we did benefit from having Michael Gordon back.”

On Fredi Knighten

“It’s been feast or famine. He was nominated for Player of the week but he still turned ball over. He can be electric at times. He is throwing the ball well but at the same time put the ball on ground a couple of times. He threw a couple of balls -- one was a protection issue and the other one he just misread –he shouldn’t have.

“At time he is one of the best players in the league at times and one of the most inexperienced. He knows what he has to address. He gives us a chance to win every game.”

On Georgia State

“They throw it well. Their quarterback gets it out really quick. They have done a good job in a short period of time getting speed at the wide outs. They play with tempo. Our defense has seen that in practice, but not since fall camp. We will have to defend tempo and the throwing game and keep it all in front.

“Offensively we have to eliminate turnovers and penalties and stop hurting ourselves. They have been drive stoppers. They have been our issues.

“This environment will present challenges. They are not well attended because they are new and building their program. It is a big difference from going from 110 thousand at Tennessee and Miami. We have got to grow up as a football team.

Quotes Georgia State coach Trent Miles

QB play

“I am excited by his play every week. We try to get the ball out quick. He is very good on the deep ball and very accurate. Has to be one of the top passes in the nation and what more can you ask from a kid who has only played five games on Division 1 level.

On AState

They are good football team that knows how to win. They have a lot of talented players. They have been to bowl games the last three or four years and shared the conference title last year. They will come in here and be a big challenge for us.”