Explosive! AState's Big Plays

Explosive. AState called on the big play most of the season but against NMSU the Red Wolves made nearly a season’s worth of big plays.

Arkansas State wrapped up the centennial (regular) season with the biggest offensive production in school history and in the history of the Sun Belt.

The Red Wolves ran 73 plays and 10 of those went for 20 or more yards. Those ten plays went for 363 yards.

While the ten big plays were nearly 48% of the offensive output for Arkansas State, the Red Wolves averaged 6.3 yards per play on the remaining 63 plays from scrimmage.

The Big 10 (plays)

First quarter
Knighten 20 yard rush
Knighten 45 yard pass to Gordon. Touchdown

Second quarter
Knighten 63 yard rush.
Gordon 35 yard rush. Touchdown
Knighten pass to Houston 24 yards.

Third quarter
Knighten pass to Houston. 67 yards.
Knighten pass to Paschal. 34 yards.
Knighten pass to Rains. 22 yards. Touchdown.

Fourth quarter
Knighten rush 22 yards.
Trosin rush 32 yards. Touchdown.