Time to get to Business

AState athletic director Terry Mohajir will embark on a familiar trip Wednesday, the GoDaddy Bowl site visit. It will be uncharted territory in one sense, this time he won’t be accompanied by an interim head coach. Otherwise it will be business as usual.

The site visit is a bowl tradition that serves both marketing and practical purposes.

The GoDaddy Bowl will have a press conference where local media can interview the two head coaches, the athletic directors, and two players from each team. The visit provides a reason for the local media as well the media covering the two schools with something to cover during the lead-up to the game.

Blake Anderson has selected seniors Artez Brown and Kenneth Rains to represent the Red Wolves players at the bowl press conference. Rains is one of AState’s five coaches in five years players, while mainly known as run blocking TE, he has six receptions, including two touchdowns. Brown arrived in 2011 in Hugh Freeze’s recruiting class and played in all of the Red Wolves games that season as a true freshman.

There will be plenty of behind the scenes work done in addition to the press conference duties.

Planning will begin for the logistics involved in the game. AState operations people, equipment, football ops, sports information, and such will work on the details fans rarely think about.

Just moving the team from their hotel to practices to bowl events is a large task. The team will be on a tight schedule to board busses and get from place to place around Mobile. The team requires meeting rooms plus several meals that are not part of scheduled bowl activities have to be planned and arranged. The practice fields and dressing rooms are assessed to plan for what equipment is required other than the obvious game day gear and where players can change and gear stored. The distance between locations and travel time has to be taken into account to insure the team stays on schedule over the week.

The equipment crew has to know what streets around the team hotel, the stadium and practice site are off-limits to a tractor-trailer and which ones are usable. Equipment, like the team stays on a tight schedule insuring that practice and game gear is at the right place at the right time so time isn’t wasted by the team waiting for gear to be unloaded.

Planning will be done for locations for AState video to set up cameras to record game film as well as other cameras that will record for promotional videos. The equipment used by players and coaches to communicate with the press box coaches will be checked.

AState will also work out locations for alumni events and special events for top boosters. AState will also make arrangements for a bowl merchandise sales location accessible by fans.

With so much on their plate, AState officials will have a busy day on Wednesday.