Red Wolves Have Conditioning Work-Out

The Red Wolves spent Thursday in Mobile attending events, touring the USS Alabama but also had work to do. They had a conditioning workout and we have Blake Anderson's comments and some video of the workout.

Coach Anderson after practice said he wanted a conditioning workout because Arkansas State had done a lot of hitting before leaving Jonesboro. He said he felt they needed to work up a good sweat after New Year's Eve, the travel and other bowl events.

Anderson said the Red Wolves consider the game a tribute to the seniors and they are proud but not satisfied about the season.

Recruiting Alabama and the national exposure were cited by Anderson as important elements of the game plus the chance to be a champion. He said there had been a lot of trading going on among the players to meet the need for tickets for all the players who call Alabama home.

Anderson Audio

Arkansas State players at the USS Alabama

Video from Thursday's conditioning workout.