One on One With Terry Mohajir

Terry Mohajir takes time in Mobile to visit with Jeff Reed and talk about the direction of the program.

The first thing Terry Mohajir wants you to know is that if you think AState is doing a great job, you are wrong.

"We've done some good things but I know we can get a lot better. I don't want people to put us in a box," Mohajir said. "We need to be a state-wide program, a regional program, a national program. How do you do that? You win conference championships and beat people you aren't supposed to beat."

Mohajir said he had started with a five year plan to get the athletic department budget to $20 million and thinks they may achieve that target in year three.

The facility upgrades in the works total around $50 million.

Focus is the key to success according to the Red Wolf athletics head man. He says if something isn't building the budget he shouldn't be doing it and if coaches are doing something that doesn't help recruiting or improve team performance they shouldn't be doing it.

Mohajir cites the GoDaddy Bowl as a great reward for a lot of hard work. He added he thought this would be a bridge season with all the changes.

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