Recruiting Never Ends

Officially it is a few months’ away, but the march to the 2016 signing day starts today for the Arkansas State Red Wolves football staff.

Coach Blake Anderson said the staff will begin to issue more offers for next year’s signing class in the few days following the national signing day on Wednesday.

In a way it is a lot like last year, even though the Red Wolves did not pick up a commitment on signing day like they did in 2014.

“You look at this recruiting class; there are four young men who we signed today that we made offers to the last year on the Thursday after signing day,’’ said Anderson. “We will go out to work after we finish up today and celebrate the day for the kids and the coaches who did a great job.

“Tomorrow morning (Thursday) we will start evaluating and re-evaluating; a lot of these guy we have already watched for the 2016 class and we will make offers to more to start the process. We will officially start the process with a lot of the in-state guys. And get right back into the same schedule.

“It is a 12 month year round process to build relationships. That is why a lot of these guys stuck with us at the end; it was the relationships that held them with us. They felt family; they felt part of the family.”

Anderson said first off will be a break for the staff next week.

We will give the staff a breather next week,’’ he said. “They need some time off.”

The game plan for 2016 calls for the Red Wolves to sign a full class of 25.

“We already have the board up and we will take one at every position,’’ said Anderson. “I think with four senior wide outs graduating, that we obviously have to make sure, with what we like to do offensively, that we have got to make sure that we do a great job at filling those spots. With JD [McKissic) and the other wide outs graduating we have got to continue to recruit there and at running back with Mike [Gordon] leaving here. I think we addressed both of those spots in this class and it is going to take another class or two to create depth.”

During the recruiting roundtable, offensive coordinator Walt Bell said the Red Wolves could add as many as four offensive linemen next year and a big running back.

“The offensive line, if you look at next year, this fall we have a bunch of juniors we are only a year away from all of those graduating. So probably three or four offensive linemen, and maybe even a junior college kid in that area.”

Defensive coordinator Joe Cauthen said the back seven on defense will be a priority next season since the Red Wolves have loaded up on linemen this year.

“And really on defense it is going to be one of everything,’’ said Anderson. “One or two of everything across the board and try to continue to build depth. And luckily we are going to be able to sign a full class of 25 and I would say after that you are going to start looking at the classes being a little smaller when new start building stability and depth. And it is really going to come down to how big your senior class is in terms of graduation.”