Practice Notes 4/6

Among the tidbits coming out of practice on Monday were a couple of position changes.

Jonah Hill, while recovering from an ACL injury, will finish spring practice at tight end, a position where he started his Arkansas State career. Hill was moved the defensive end a year ago.

“I think he likes it over there,’’ said coach Blake Anderson, “where he knows the ball will be thrown his way.’’

With Jerry Morehead moving out wide the Red Wolves were down to senior Darion Griswold and junior Warren Leapheart at tight end.

Also, running back Brandon Byner is working at cornerback.

“He played both and he knew when he came here he could play either spot,’’ said Anderson.


J.D. McKissic and Allen Sentimore are out with ankle injuries and will not practice again this spring. Center Devin Mondie is out until “at least next Monday” said Anderson. Mondie has been sidelined with a head injury.

Scrimmage review

We did a lot of correction from Friday. Once we did that things started to pick up the tempo. Thought it was a really good practice.

“You know sloppy still,’’ said Anderson. “Too many snaps issues with center; too many movement issues on the front line.

Defensively, couple of offside guys, and had some communication errors. Those were the key things. Probably, the one thing, we came out of it with great effort but not as physical as we wanted it to be. We had a chance to really pop some guys but did not take full advantage of it. Some of that comes from all week telling them not too but when it is live it has got to be live. I think that will get better this week.

“It was better in terms of assignment on both sides. Just sloppiness we have to clean up in a week.

Defensive line better

“It’s good and good competition. We kinda have 1A and 1B. Not a huge difference between those first two groups going in. You slide (Darrius) Rosser and (Chris) Odom outside and they are doing better out there. They are more comfortable. With the big bodies inside, there is really a mix of five or six guys all giving us good snaps. Chuks (Ota) will be back in the mix on Monday. (Jake) Swalley at one spot and Waylon Roberson and Marcus Hudson. Those guys are really doing well. To have had limited snaps with us they have really made an impact. The more snaps they get, the more they understand the tempo we are going to go, the better we are going to be up there.”


The Red Wolves have completed eight practices. Next up is Wednesday at 4 p.m. and a second scrimmage is planned for Friday.