Practice Update 4-8

The Red Wolves started sluggish in Wednesday's practice, but picked up intensity as the practice went on.

The defensive line stole the show Wednesday with high intensity and flawless rotations. It was hard to tell who the #1s were and who were the #2s.

Blake Anderson noted that the defense was bouncing around later in practice. He noted that the defensive line is going two deep maybe two and half deep.

Unfortunately though, not everything went according to plan. QB Fredi Knigten went down with what was learned to be a hamstring injury. With Knigten injured, the QB duties were split between redshirt sophomore Cameron Birse and redshirt freshman James Tabary.

Coach Anderson said that there is no plan for Knighten other than he will return as soon as he is able to play. He does not expect the #2 spot to be resolved until August.

Placekicking was a trouble spot for Arkansas State in 2014. Anderson noted that Ferguson has looked better and more confident but hopes to bring in some competition for the spot in the Fall. He added that the kickers seem most comfortable with Birse holding right now.

The Red Wolves will be back on the field Friday, April 10th

Audio Courtesy Randy Myers, The Ticket / AStateNation Radio