Quarterback Talk

Post spring comments from the quarterbacks (and others).

I felt like I did poor. I am always going to be critical of myself. I think we need to be a little more conditioned to go a little faster. Overall I thought we did a great job.

To be honest I need to work on everything. My thinking skills have to be so much faster. To be honesty I should have been at least 19 for 21. Knowing where my hot reads are I need to know where everyone is supposed to be. Sometimes I will get out there and everything will go blank. It is a freshman thing or being out there for the first time, really like live. In every aspects there are things I need to work on. My throwing, my accuracy, my footwork everything. Just knowing the game better.

My biggest challenge is being on the field. Being a QB your definitely have to think Where their alignment is and who am I going to on this coverage and who am I going to that coverage. And the coverage will switch right when I say hut. Just knowing where my reads are and if they blitz knowing where my hots are. I’m definitely getting better, Being in the system for 2 years a and having a coach for 2 yrs definite helps.