Facilities and Scheduling

Terry Mohajir sat down with AStateNation and shared an update on facilities and his philosophy on scheduling.

The Centennial Expansion remains on pace to be completed by August 1. There are no concrete plans just yet but he expects there will be an opportunity for fans to tour the new pressbox before the season starts.

The Student Athletic Center is not a cause for concern. There had been concern over water but they needed a dry period to determine the source and believe everything should be back on track.

When it comes to scheduling what AState is looking for out of a game determines much of the process.

“Advanced training games, we just want to maximize revenue,” Mohajir said.

With other games the question as he phrases is, “Does the game give you an advantage?”

The advantage he explains is about improving the brand and recruiting.

To improve brand that means games against schools where playing improves awareness of AState. If the game is against a recognized school AState has a good shot of beating, the better the game is.

Helping recruiting means games in areas AState recruits or should be able to recruit. Mohajir defines the area from Texas to Kansas City, to Saint Louis and across the Southeast to Atlanta as places AState should play to help recruiting.

The USC game according to Mohajir is a case where AState is able to meet a couple goals. It is a great payout ($1.3 million) and a chance to play "on the biggest stage in America".

AState won’t just grab any game. He says he turned down an offer from “a top 5 brand” because they aren’t in the recruiting area and the game was not a good fit for the Red Wolves.

Mohajir says there are two P5 schools that have expressed interest but neither is at the point of an agreement yet.

The 2017 schedule he says could undergo some changes. He indicates that a new opportunity may be available and there may be some shuffling that year.