By The Numbers: 2014 Offense

Now a look at how well AState’s offense performed against opposing team’s defenses in 2014

We took each schools average yards given up over the season and compared that to how many yards AState managed against the team and compared their average points yielded to the number of points the Red Wolves scored.

Against 12 FBS opponents Arkansas State put up more yards offense than the opponent’s average seven times. No real surprise that the Red Wolf offense was held below the defensive averages of Tennessee, Miami, or even Utah State and Appalachian State, but the Idaho numbers are a bit surprising.

On the scoreboard AState topped the average points of the opponent nine times. Again Tennessee and Miami held AState below the average points those teams gave up. Texas State just managed to hold the Red Wolves below the Bobcats average points yielded.

The Red Wolf offense torched New Mexico State, ULM, UL Lafayette, and Georgia State in total yards, beating each school’s average yards given up by more than 100 yards.

On the scoreboard, AState hit New Mexico State the hardest, but topped the averages of South Alabama and Toledo by more than 10 points.

A plus sign indicates AState out-performed the average of the opponent, so a good result, a minus sign indicates the Red Wolves fell below the average of the opponent and would be a bad result.



AState’s Yards differential

AState’s points







Utah State






Georgia State



UL Lafayette






South Alabama



Appalachian St



Texas State



New Mexico St