Red Wolves Football Traveling the Land

It has been Arkansas week so far for the Red Wolves coaching staff. They hit Texarkana today before heading to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on Friday

After spending a week at camps in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, the Arkansas State coaching hosted a camp on campus on Sunday for about 120 prospects. Monday was Little Rock and Springdale.

“They have been great, they really have,” said Coach Blake Anderson. “We have had good numbers and the talent level has been good. We’ve seen kids in camp that we needed to see in person, and some of them have moved up in our minds as potential offers, and some of them have been offered. We have identified some young guys for down the road. It has been worth it to make every stop that we have made.

“We are trying to spread the brand; spread the news about what we are doing. A lot of these people haven’t been there ever (to the Jonesboro campus) and a lot haven’t been there in a while. So, either way, we’re just trying to let them know what’s going on and why they need to come look and come to a game. We want them to see the campus, and what we have going on. They get an idea of what we are about the next 10 years or so.”

The Red Wolves have seen more than 1,000 athletes and extended offers to around 20 prospects. The Texarkana camp is big for the Red Wolves because if covers southwest Arkansas, northwest Louisiana and east Texas.

The two camps on Friday are at Lewisville and Arlington Bowie. Connecting with athletes then getting them to Jonesboro is a big part of the process.

“The people that did come to campus were blown away by what it really looks like,’’ Anderson said. “That has been my message to these people. If you have never been there, or haven’t been there in a long time, you have got to find time to come to campus.

“It’s more than just about finding players, it’s about spreading the A-State brand. It’s about letting people know our vision, what we’re doing, what our plans are, and what is going on so they will take time to come see the campus, come spend the weekend with us, come watch a game. It’s getting better every day.

“I think you’ve seen the place grow from one division to the next, and to the next, and it is perception. The perception is it is a small town up in the northeast, and it’s just not what it is anymore. There are 16,000 students, the expanded the stadium, the indoor, and the success we’ve had in the past, guys in the NFL, people graduating. There are just so many great things; the medical school is starting, the new campus in Mexico, the study abroad program, you name it. There’s things going on that you have got to spend some time to find out about it.

“And visually when you drive across that bridge and you see what the campus and the athletic department looks like now, people just don’t have any concept of that until they see it.”

The Red Wolves have another Jonesboro camp scheduled on July 19.