Arkansas State Licensing Revenue Grows

The AState switch to Red Wolves seems to continue to pay dividends.

Shortly after the new “Howl Yes” billboards went up a co-worker said, “Arkansas State has started putting up billboards and they are great.” Even flashed me a wolves up.

The locations had AState billboards before but the simple Wolves Up message caught attention.

After the new schedule posters for this year came out I was taking one to my office and a man on the elevator remarked, “Arkansas State. You know I hated them changing from Indians but now I think they have the best name in sports.”

The university and fans have gone all in on the mascot change. From the Howl-o-ween game, to Howl Yes, Howl-O, Howlelujah, the bowl trips to Mobile, Howlabama and the requests to "get your wolves up". If it is wolf or howl related, Arkansas State fans are all in. The folks at Underdog Dynasty seem less impressed.

The interest in Red Wolves is of course not just from the change of mascot and nickname. There are now more merchandise choices than AState fans have ever had access too. Having a successful football team is certainly causing more people to want to show their Red and Black. That has pushed demand upward.

If you feel like you are seeing more people with Red Wolves merchandise, there is a reason for that. Retailers sold more than 124,000 licensed items during the 2013-14 fiscal year.

In fiscal year 2013-14 (period covers the 2013 football season) Arkansas State had the fourth consecutive year of increased merchandise royalties. AState made $166,116.32, nearly a 111% increase from 2007-08, the final year of the use of “Indians”. The first year of Red Wolves in 2008-09 saw a 22.22% increase from the year before. The 2009-10 fiscal year was the last time AState had a drop in royalties.

In 2013-14 gross sales of licensed AState merchandise totaled more than $1.2 million with 124,174 units sold at an average unit price of $11.93. The twenty largest retailers had gross sales of more than $1 million in AState merchandise and sold 96,214 items at an average price of $13.47.

AState could see merchandise sales increase in 2014-15 and still have a dip in licensing income. AState earned just over $12,000 in licensing from the now discontinued EA Sports NCAA Football game.