More On AState Licensing

A deeper look at AState’s merchandise licensing revenue in 2013-14.

Arkansas State still has a lot of growth room left despite four years of growth in licensing revenue. In 2013-14 AState brought in $166,116.32 in licensing revenue. The average of Sun Belt schools who have their brands managed by Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is $244,250.69. The Red Wolves ranked 92nd nationally while the Sun Belt average was 87.

The largest product category is Men’s/Unisex t-shirts with royalties of $29,491.16, followed by Women’s T-shirts with $17,215.64 in royalties. Those two categories represent almost 47% of AState’s apparel sales. Nationally those categories are about 42% of sales at the average school.

Nearly 55% of all AState merchandise is sold on campus, through local licensees and Super Centers/Wholesale clubs. Campus and local licensee sales are 37.52% of the total versus 25.99% at the average school.

AState fans enjoy ribbing Razorback fans by calling them Wal-Mart fans. AState supporters have complained often about the limited number of Academy Sports locations selling AState merchandise and limited selection.

In 2013-14, Wal-Mart was the second largest retailer of Arkansas State merchandise selling 21,439 items at an average price of $8.23. Wal-Mart was 14.38% of all Red Wolf licensed merchandise sales.

Academy Sports and Outdoors was the third largest retailer of Red Wolf merchandise selling 9,544 items at an average price of $11.39. Academy Sports had 8.86% of all AState merchandise sales.

Follett Higher Education Group held the contract for the Arkansas State University Bookstore as well as exclusive license for sales at the stadium. Follett was the largest AState retailer with 15.42% of sales, selling 23,996 items at an average price of $7.89.

Arkansas State’s online athletic shop was the fourth largest retailer in dollars of merchandise sold taking 5.2% of sales but the 1,977 items sold made it 13th in total items sold. The average unit price of $32.29 made it a top four sales channel.


EA Sports now discontinued NCAA Football video game produced 7.5% of all of AState’s revenue last year, more than one-fourth of all non-apparel royalties.

Neebo took over the campus and online bookstore in May of 2014 so expect Follett to drop dramatically in the next report.

The Centennial Expansion includes creation of a retail space to display more products and carry more inventory but no agreement has been reached yet for operation of the stadium store. Athletic Director Terry Mohajir says he would like for the location to maintain a regular operation during the week instead of only being open during games but negotiations with possible operators are still ongoing.