Mohajir Updates The Arkansas State Upgrades

With the Centennial Expansion starting to wrap up, Terry Mohajir talks about the extras it will deliver for fans as well as future plans.

As you saw yesterday with the updated stadium photos, the Centennial Expansion isn’t all the way done but completion is drawing close.

Final completion of Centennial expansion is about a couple weeks away. Mohajir noted that there had been several unexpected delays such as the elevator installation crew taking a two day break.

Mohajir wants fans to realize the project is more than just the new luxury seating.

A new 5,000 square foot kitchen will open. The change will allow the concession stands to offer a greater variety of items and should mean better tasting items. Previously hamburgers and hot dogs had to be steamed and can now will be cooked in the kitchen.

Bathroom capacity for women will grow with 42 new bathrooms for women. A wall is being built at the southwest corner of the stadium to screen television production trucks from fans. The wall will keep the trucks from detracting from the look of the stadium.

A change that will be very welcome for many fans will be the Adidas Team Store. Located at the stadium entrance the store will offer Adidas Red Wolves merchandise. The store will not just be open on game days, it will be open during the week. The store is targeted to open for the fan day scrimmage.

Mohajir discussed Arkansas State’s apparel contract. The current agreement has another two years to run but Mohajir believes that if the team store is a success that AState will have a good deal of leverage negotiating the next deal. AState is among the top 30 schools for Adidas and he believes the store could help push the Red Wolves into the top 20.

One common belief about apparel contracts, Mohajir would like to clear up. While a few elite schools do receive big checks for selecting a company, he says that at most FBS schools the value of those contracts is not from the company paying that amount of money to the athletic department but rather it is the budget of how much the school can spend with the supplier at no cost.

Mohajir added that the contracts often do include cash bonuses. AState has received cash payments for winning the conference, appearing in the GoDaddy Bowl and winning coach of the year awards.

With Centennial expansion wrapping up along with the less noticed move of soccer to the track complex the question is already popping up. What is next? Right now next two priorities remain the football operations center and renovations for baseball. Mohajir said the exact plans for baseball have not been determined as they are looking at several options. Fund-raising for both projects remains a priority.