Saturday Practice Interviews and Audio

Arkansas State's third practice of 2015 fall camp was the first outdoors and the heat was a tough opponent.

After practice comments

Coach Anderson said the heat impacted the practice with it being the first day in the heat and in pads. He described the practice as a little sloppy but noted that the team fought through at the end gain improvement.

Anderson cited the upperclassmen pushing the younger players. He added that a big difference from last year was that leadership because last year it was the coaches who had to push the players to keep working hard.

Communication on the offensive line and among the defense isn't where he wants to be right now. The offensive line he said hasn't really been put in the fire yet.

Anderson had praise for Tajhea Chambers, Donovan Ransom, and Chauncey Mason among the newcomers. He said that Daryl Rollins-Davis looked very fast.

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Coach Cauthen says, "We’ve got to get into football shape. Coach Shadeed has done a great job but they have to carry the weight of the pads."

Regarding depth Cauthen says Arkansas State now has some weight up front and isn't getting knocked off the ball, that is freeing up the linebackers to play. He added that it will be a real fight to make the travel roster and he will push to take as many defensive guys as possible.

Cauthen describes Ja'von Rolland-Jones as a natural pass rusher. He says Chris Stone has gotten better and changed his body.

While Cauthen has a reputation for being a bit of a grump, he says all the freshmen AState brought in on defense have been hits. He says he is really pleased with Chambers and Kirk Louis at linebacker. He says Donovan Ransom has a big punch and is hard to move.

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Fredi Knighten noted it was harder working outside with the heat but they had to push through. Knighten discusses the challenge of leadership knowing when to be a cheerleader to get guys going and when to be the bad guy to get them on the right page. Knighten says he has had to push guys to move faster.

Knighten revealed a team goal saying that if AState isn't a top five offense they aren't doing their job.

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Chris Stone described Saturday's practice as "A little toasty" and noted that while they conditioned hard over the summer it wasn't the same as carrying pads in the heat.

Stone said the increased depth has been a big help noting he has never had breaks as long as this year in practice.
He said that Chambers is doing well and learning to communicate well. He added that Griffin Riggs is solid off the edge but needs to learn more rush techniques

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New AState alum Tres Houston says the biggest difference from last year is knowing the offense better, they don't have to think, they can just play.
Houston says with the upcoming practices being longer (Monday will be full pads) they have to push through it.

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Audio Courtesy of Randy Myers: AStateNation radio on the Ticket.