Blake Anderson Discusses the Monday Practice

Get Coach Anderson's thoughts on Monday's practice.

Among the fallout after Saturday’s scrimmage was a more challenging Monday for the Arkansas State Red Wolves and some movement on the depth chart.

Coach Blake Anderson said the team lacked in the “energy and effort level” and the team worked on fixing that in Monday’s workout.

It was all set in stone because there were things we needed to work on regardless,’’ said Anderson. But I did challenge them because their energy level was not where it needed to be Saturday. After watching the tape I confirmed out energy level and effort level were not as high and they got some hard coaching yesterday. They got some very hard coaching, and they respond the right way. We had a very good practice today and that was a test to itself.

We has some guys who got bumped down from first huddle to second huddle just to see how they would respond. They all responded the right way and fought today. We have got a lot of thing to work on but that was good to see. That we responded to two kinda test situations. “

Among those making depth chart moves were a couple of newcomers, freshmen Justin Clifton from Tupelo, Miss., and junior wide receiver Chris Murray, from Hutchinson Community College.

“A guy who really stood out was Justin Clifton. He moved up to the first huddle at Nickel in front of (Charleston) Girley,’’ said Anderson. “So Girley has some work to do. We also have Money Hunter there but he is limited because of an injury. That was a guy who really stood out.

“Chris Murray is a guy who did well in special teams and on offense. He will be utilized more. He is not necessarily going to the first huddle but he definitely is going to be involved in more conversation.”

Murray, who has big play speed, plays behind J.D, McKissic at A-back.

“One defense, Griffin Riggs is moving up the depth chart and working with the twos some and with the ones some depending upon the sub package.

“There is still some stuff going on in the interior, both on offense and defense line. Just some subtle moves where the competition. (Jake) Swalley and Robert Mondie are in their fighting (at defensive tackle) and over on the O-Line Daniel Keith and Steven Stevens are competing.

“It is all helping us and guys at battling. It really makes you better when you get a chance to compete every day.”

The coach said A-State gave up too many explosive plays but there were mostly technique things where guys were out of position and the defense was pretty good against the run “for the most part pretty stingy.”

A major concern was a turnover near the goal line that resulted in an easy score. “That is something Fredi just cannot do.”

The team returns to regular workouts Tuesday and Thursday with Wednesday a recovery day. Then everything points toward Saturday.

Anderson said there have been so significant injuries so far in drills and everything if focused toward Saturday’s final scrimmage.

“Saturday is our last opportunity to really get a test. After that we start narrowing things down for game time. We are trying to focus everything on Saturday being ready to compete. You can either keep your job or earn a job.”

Saturday scrimmage is set for 6 p.m. .

Audio courtesy Brad Bobo, The Drive on The Ticket