Saturday Practice Notes

Walt Bell, Joe Cauthen, and Chris Humes after Saturday's practice and some talk about USC

Co-offensive coordinator Walt Bell says Arkansas State as been doing everything to prepare for the full gamut of real competition. Regarding USC he says, "It's their first game too and we pose some problems they have to figure out."

What will it take for the Red Wolves to win at USC? Bell's formula, "Do your job at a higher rate and do it at a higher rate for longer than they do."

Bell on senior quarterback Fredi Knighten.
He says Fredi is first guy everywhere, the weight room, the practice field and he’s the example but has to get more vocal while staying within his personality. As to his playing he adds, Knightne is very self-aware. He understands what he’s not good at, what he’s average at and what he is good at and has worked since the end of last season to improve his weak points and make his strengths even stronger.

Joe Cauthen has a simple bit of advice for any players looking forward to the USC trip."If you don't expect to win, don't get on the plane with me."

AState's defensive coordinator says the Red Wolves spend Saturday working on third down situations and will work on goal line and red zone situations on Sunday. They will take Monday off and begin final preparations for USC starting on Tuesday.

Cauthen says USC may have the best QB he has ever coached against. He sys he can throw deep and sideline to sideline from either hashmark.

Comparing the Red Wolves to last year, he says while AState has to get even better at communication and getting off blocks to make tackles, he believes the Red Wolves are better in both areas this year.

Xavier Woodson's status for the second half is unknown but Cauthen says he may end up playing.

Chris Humes is about tired of practice and ready to hit someone else.

Humes missed last week with a tweaked hamstring. He says he is about 95% right now and expects to be 100% by Tuesday.

He says the secondary will have to stay on top of receivers against USC because they use so much play action. As for looking ahead at other games. "I know we play USC on Saturday. I don't know who we play after that."

All audio courtesy of Keith Merritt, AStateNation radio 11am to 1pm Monday through Friday on The Ticket.