Arkansas State Red Wolves Men's Basketball Coach John Brady Announces Resignation

John Brady announces he will resign at the end of the season

John Brady announced after Monday night’s 81-37 victory over Lyon College this will be his last season at Arkansas State.

Hired eight years ago, Brady was in the final year of his contract and erased all speculation with one comment.

“Over the last two or three days I have thought long and hard about what I really want to do. And I talked to some close friends in the coaching business and some not in the coaching business, I met with Terry Mohajir today for an hour, who is a great AD, a good guy and a caring guy. I told him regardless of how well we do this year this is my last year here.

I told my players before the game. I told my coaches. I don’t want to put Terry in any type of position where he can’t feel like he wants to do. He asked me today what if you go to New Orleans [site of the Sun Belt Tournament] and cut down the nets and I said that would be the best way to leave here. That would a great way to leave here.

I made some great friends here. My time here has been fun, it has been good. But regardless of how well we do, and I think we have a chance to do well; I don’t think we have bad players. This is going to be my last year here regardless. So Terry was supportive of that. I wanted to get it out in the open. He needs to do what he has to do.

“I’m not one who can live with misconception or misunderstanding. I don’t want any of that. Terry’s been good to me; we’ve had good conversations. I told our players; I like our players. Not a bad guy in there. Sometimes a little selfish, some things we need to work on but that is what every team has.

“I didn’t want to send out a release and let you guys read it. I wanted to do it with the cameras on and the microphones on. I wanted to do it face-to-face with you guys. I’m not going to take a lot of questions. Terry did not put any pressure on me. He told me that I have coached long enough, won enough game, you do it like you want to do it. So this is now I want to do it and we will see what happens.

“We will continue business as usual. I am not going to talk about this again. I don’t want anyone to bring it up. There is no reason for that. This is just something about where I am at this point in my career and in my life if any of you know me at all. This is not something I am going to sit there and watch go by. That ain’t me. If anybody thinks anything like that they don’t know who they are talking too. I’m going to coach ‘em, I am going to fight it. I am going to do what what I think is necessary to make this team the best it can be That is the road we are taking.”

Brady was 111-110 at A-State and won two Sun Belt Western Division titles. In 25 years he was 392-326. He had previously taken LSU to the NCAA Final Four.

Brady, who recently purchased a condo in New Orleans, told his assistants before the game what he was going to announce after the contest.

“John alerted me today of his intentions to resign at the end of the season, at which time we had a conversation regarding his decision,” said Terry Mohajir.  “I have a great deal of respect for John as a person and coach, and we appreciate his desire to finish the rest of the season as our head coach.  We will support him, his coaching staff and our players as they pursue a Sun Belt Conference championship this season.

“Coach Brady has had a great coaching career, including guiding Arkansas State to two Sun Belt Conference West Division championships.  We wish him only the best the rest of this season and beyond.”