Arkansas State Red Wolves Have Won The Sun Belt But The Job Isn't Finished

Read below about what is left for AState to accomplish and your part as a fan

Sun Belt champions? Check.

Undefeated in conference? Check.

A week ago Blake Anderson was letting the world know he was unhappy about the amount of respect being given AState.

At least one Louisiana Tech fan isn’t persuaded by Anderson.

The Red Wolves have clinched a fourth conference title in five years, and for the second time AState ran the table in Sun Belt play.

There is still more to accomplish.

A bowl trip provides AState with the chance to cap the season with nine consecutive wins which would carry the Red Wolves into 2016 with one of the longest winning streaks in the nation.

Winning a bowl game would give AState a third 10 win season in five years and an average of 9 wins per year starting in 2011.

Finishing with 10 wins would be a great accomplishment that would help many forget the early season frustrations.

More for fans to accomplish

AState fans have enjoyed four appearances in the GoDaddy but the lack of appearances in New Orleans has left a feeling of unfinished business.

While the bowl is no longer the designated destination for the conference champion, it still carries cachet among fans because of the location and opponent. Couple that with AState’s only appearance being in the 2005 edition that was displaced to Lafayette because of the Katrina disaster and the unfinished business feeling is very strong.

Red Wolf fans SHOULD know the drill by now. The school gets paid for the tickets you buy from the AState ticket office and not from the tickets you purchase elsewhere. Bowl committees look at the verifiable ticket sales, those from the school in making future decisions about which teams to select.

Right now it looks like there are no cheaper tickets available from the bowl and currently no great deals on the secondary market. The tickets available from the bowl are in corner and unlikely to be as good as what will be available from AState.

In years past it was easy to excuse looking elsewhere to buy tickets to save some money and make the trip more affordable, so far that will not be an option for you.

The New Orleans Bowl is an easy trip, roughly six and a half hours from Jonesboro. If you can’t get off work on Friday, with an 8:00pm kickoff arriving day of the game is possible without much stress if you leave before noon and cheaper hotels exist away from the French Quarter. For those wanting the full experience, the New Orleans Bowl website has great prices for downtown New Orleans.

Fans need to be part of finishing the job. Use this link to do your part.