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Bob Bowlsby of the Big XII says the league might support raising the bowl eligibility standard to 7 wins

The Big XII might make a U turn on bowl eligibility.

When I saw the tweet from ESPN’s Brett McMurphy I was incredulous.

Big XII commissioner Bob Bowlsby wants to look at the possibility of raising bowl eligible to seven wins.

No I’m not shocked that having a few 5-7 schools make bowls is resulting in an examination of the issue. There is no surprise there is heightening debate over how many bowls is the right number.

It’s just… The Big XII? Seriously? Am I the only person who remembers WHY we have 6-6 as the standard for bowl eligibility?

For those of you who haven’t been following the inside baseball of college athletics, the 6-6 standard was brought forward as a proposal by the Big XII.

The Big XII pushed for it as special legislation, requesting it be considered even though the deadline for new legislation had already expired.

Big XII commissioner Dan Beebe explained the need to the NCAA News, “Our feeling is that a 6-6 team from the Big 12 that has played five teams in the top 25 should not be in a different position from a 7-5 team from another conference that may have only played one or no teams in the top 25,” Beebe said. “The six-win team is probably more marketable in some cases than the others, so it should be treated the same.”

Kansas State ended up staying at home at 6-6 shortly after the comments were made. The Wildcats went on a late run this year to make the Liberty Bowl, at 6-6.

This is not unusual behavior for the Big XII.

The Big XII has advocated for title game deregulation while simultaneously stating that if derequlation is passed, the league will not adda title game.

The best thing the Big XII could do would be get its members in the corner of a room and figure out just what the league would like to do and stick with that for at least a few years.

College football needs leadership not veering from idea to idea as the mood strikes. If you want change to the bowl structure, let someone else take the lead rather than acting the white knight to the mess you helped create.