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Blake Anderson interview on the Drive radio

Blake Anderson radio interview on The Drive

The fallout from the departure of Arkansas State offensive coordinator Walt Bell to Maryland has not been significant for the rest of the Red Wolves staff.

Today on 95.3 FM’s The Drive with Brad Bobo and Kara Richey coach Blake Anderson said co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Glen Elarbee turned down a chance to join Bell in Maryland to be the Terps’ offensive line coach.

“We dodged a bullet today…. he chose not to go and turned down a substantial amount of money,’’ said Anderson.

“This is going to be a nervous month. Every time the phone calls you think it is someone else wanting to talk to one of you guys.”

Anderson said the interest from Bell came fast and was in about a 48-hour window for him to decide if he wanted to leave Jonesboro. He had hope the news would not leak until after the game but it became public knowledge about 3 p.m.Saturday afternoon.

“That is just the nature of the business.”

As far as replacing Bell, Anderson said he planned to hire someone he knows who is familiar with his system. “We will find the right fit.

“We have several options and the worst thing I can do is to rush into it. We have good options here in the house with the potential to elevate … There are several guys who have played in and know our system really well that are doing good jobs at other places.

“I’ve been running this system for a long time and it is not going to change. All we need to do is to bring the right person that will fit the room and fit the nature temperament of our team. I’m going to move fast enough that it does not leave a tremendous amount of doubt in anybody’s mind but slow enough that we have the right fit because I think we have a really good team coming back.”

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