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Arkansas State Red Wolves will hold football scrimmage at War Memorial Stadium

Red Wolves planning scrimmage at War Memorial

The finishes touches of an agreement for the Arkansas State Red Wolves to have a spring football scrimmage at Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium are in place.

No paperwork has been signed but the school has an agreement with War Memorial Stadium for a Red Wolves’ scrimmage at the 50,000-plus seat stadium on Friday, April 8. The Red Wolves announced it on their recent spring practice release.

Coach Blake Anderson mentioned it a year ago but logistics could not be reached in time for a game. This time everything is a go. The reasons for going are multiple.

“We want to expand the brand as often as possible,’’ he said “We’ve talked a little about potentially playing a game down there but I just don’t think that will work and we would hate to take a game away from Jonesboro.

This is an opportunity to go down there in the spring and use a great stadium and get in an area where we are not in a whole lot. we really want to focus on Central Arkansas even more if at possible. There is good recruiting there but I thing there is also a base of good A-State people who just haven’t traveled up.”

 Anderson also likes the idea of taking the team on the road.

 “It will simulate a road trip for our guys and talk about going on the road and win a difficult game,” he said. “So we will simulate a little of road test for us and how to simulate a road trip. It kills a couple of birds with one stone for us.

“Just making them do something a little different, taking them out of a normal routine. You never know during a season if a plane flight is going to be delayed or weather is going to slow us down of like this year or end up with a Thursday night game that gets slipped in on you that is a travel game,

“We’ve got to be prepared for as many scenarios as possible.

It’s an opportunity to take our guys down there and adjust to something that is different and a great opportunity to get in front of the fan base that is there in the area.”

 The Spring Game in Jonesboro will be on Friday, April 15.

“We gotta get some work done in the spring,’’ he said.  “I love the team we have coming back athletically but some guys have to step up and fill in the gaps. We know our challenges on both sides of the ball.”