Recapping the Red Wolves first practice

First practice recap by Kent McMasters

Spring practice started in the Student Activity Center instead of in the Stadium or on the outdoor practice facilities, due to the near monsoon conditions outdoors. 

Excitement was the rule of the day. For those who had ANY REMAINING QUESTIONS about the future of Cameron Luper Echols, he DID NOT work out with the QB’s.  While I know that there are some of you who still clung to a hope that he would beat JT out for the starting QB job, he has decided that his talents will be best used as WR/KR/punter. He has AMAZING speed.  On kick return drills, the speed with which he made cuts was incredible.  He is, as someone said at practice, a speedster even among the speedy. His quickness is truly on another level.


Dee Liner is also a noticeable jump in talent, compared to what we have seen previously. He is a big man who is FAST. In first day practices, it is always hard to tell who will step up and be the man, but Dee Liner showed that he is hungry to be that man.


Much of today’s practice was focused on technique, and “how to practice” but for a couple of positions, battles are already underway. I focused mainly on the QB’s so that is what I will discuss.  

There were 5 QB’s taking throws, and snaps today. In order from 1st to 5thJames Tabary, Justice Hanson, Cameron Birse, (Those three appear to be the only serious contenders for starter, with Birse being the longshot) Carson Coats, and D J Pearson. While I know that Pearson is coming back from an injury, it still seemed that his mechanics were just a little off. I did notice one little “timing tic” that he has, and that is while simulating staying in the pocket waiting for a receiver to come open, he will occasionally “flip” the ball end to end in a quick motion that is so fast that it is almost imperceptible. Tabary appears to be trying to “take” the starting QB spot, and by that I mean he steps in to take the ball over everyone else, and it appeared that Hanson and Birse were willing to allow him this privilege. If all else is equal, Tabary will win the spot just from “acting” like he is the man. Maybe it is more correct to say that the other QB’s appear willing to cede the starting spot to Tabary. During Skeleton the top three all made some amazing throws downfield.  One thing is certain, and that is that this coming season, getting the ball downfield to an open receiver will NOT be a problem.

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