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Notes from Grant McCasland's press conference at Arkansas State

Notes from McCasland's press conference

Cleaning out the notebook from Grant McCasland’s press conference.

Convocation Center memories

New Arkansas State coach Grant McCasland was introduced to Arkansas State basketball on Nov. 16, 1998 when the Baylor Bears lost to Arkansas State 66-64. The attendance that night: 5,861.

 “In 1998, I was a basketball player at Baylor and we came here to play A-State. There was a little guard named Chico Fletcher. It’s at the end of the game and this is my senior year. I didn’t play a lot because I was an ankle biter, but, I competed and earned time. We came to Jonesboro at the beginning of the season in November. I remember the Convo center. It was hopping and there was a great crowd. I told Coach Z and Terry that I have great memories of going into that game and seeing a phenomenal atmosphere. At the end of the game, I’m playing point and Chico rips me and goes and makes a layup and I foul him. He made a basket to put you guys up and end up beating us. That’s the memory I have of this place. Because of that experience I remember that and I will never forget the name Chico Fletcher.”

The plans

“We’re going to get after it. We are going to share the basketball. We’re going to evaluate who we have when we get them. My teams play fast and we share the basketball. It’s all been founded on getting stops. We’ll spend the majority of our practices working on defense. Everything is going to highly competitive.”

And as far as results?

“We're going to beat people that people don't expect us to beat. We're going to play for championships."

“We are not planning on this being a big, long process.


McCasland said both he and his wife, Cece, were walk-ons in college. Of course, Grant was at Baylor and Cecilia was at Texas Tech.

“She was a lot better than I was,’’ he said. “She earned a lot more playing time than I did.”


Common theme

Dr. Tim Hudson, chancellor: “It’s momentum. It’s about momentum. The word of the day is momentum. We are going to turn the page in men’s athletics.”

AD Terry Mohajir: It starts today. A new era of men’s basketball. We have an opportunity to change the culture and that is what we are going to do.  I want everyone to delete the picture they had of the past couple of years. Clear it and create a new picture of what you want to program to be.”



“We are talking countries. Basketball is now a global game. We will go places where we have built relationships. We want to start at home. We are going to go where the recruits are.”