Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson on satellite camps and juco transfer rules

NCAA bans off-season camps and changes eligibility rules for juco transfers.

Schools will no longer be able to hold camps off campus and coaches cannot participate in off-campus camps. Additionally junior college players must now have a 2.5 cumulative GPA in order to transfer.


AState head coach Blake Anderson noted that 90% of the Red Wolves signees the past two years had gone through Red Wolf camps.


Satellite camps had drawn little attention until Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh drew attention to the practice with highly publicized camps featuring high profile recruits.


The five states producing the most FBS recruits are Texas, Florida, California, Georgia and Louisiana. It is no coincidence that the four P5 leagues with teams in those states voted to end the camps while the Big Ten with no presence in those states voted in favor of the camps remaining.


Camps could still be saved by the Division I Board of Directors. The board has one president or chancellor from each FBS conference as well as one athletic director (Big 10), one senior women’s administrator (ACC) and one student-athlete (MWC). The Board could reject the ban, which seems unlikely or amend the proposal to cap the number of satellite camps or permit off-campus camps within a specific geographic region, or accept the ban.

The adoption of the new minimum qualification for juco transfers was not unexpected. Coach Anderson said that AState had already adjusted its recruiting in anticipation of the change.