The NCAA is considering options to add a week to the football season

NCAA may consider giving schools more time to fit in a 12 game schedule.

NCAA is looking at adding a week to the season which would either mean a week earlier than the current season start which is the Thursday before Labor Day or the end would move from the first Saturday in December to the second Saturday in December.

Special exceptions get mashed either way. Currently Army-Navy is played on the second Saturday under a special waiver for them. Any team traveling to Hawaii during the season is now permitted to start play two Thursdays before Labor Day.

This year the first official playing date is September 1 and the last date is December 3. Teams traveling to Hawaii can start on August 25th and Army-Navy is December 10. In 2017 under current rules August 31 will be the first legal date and December 2 the last date with Army-Navy allowed on December 9 and teams traveling to Hawaii able to start on August 24.

Currently most years there are 14 Saturdays between the start of the season and the end, though a few years will produce 15 Saturdays.

With every FBS conference playing a championship game in 2018 only Notre Dame, BYU, UMass, Hawaii and New Mexico State will have 14 Saturdays available to schedule games without a special exception, the rest of FBS will have only 13 playing Saturdays available for regular schedule during the during the season during a normal 14 week season.

AState's Terry Mohajir indicated he supported adding a week to the season as long as that added week comes at the start of the season. 


The Council also spent time discussing what a mandatory 14-date season could look like, with the idea that every team could have two bye weeks in a season to help decrease the amount of injuries. Every FBS conference has a representative who will look at different scheduling models.