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Looking at the state of Arkansas State facility improvements

Talking facility upgrades

Arkansas State has been in a productive period improving athletic facilities. 

The different improvements have had different purposes.

The Student Activity Center permits all weather workouts for student-athletes and is considered to be an improvement that aids recruiting. The Centennial Expansion replacing the press box, adding premium seating, and improving fan amenities is designed to produce greater revenue from the premium seating and making Centennial Bank Stadium more accommodating for fans, but student-athletes are unlikely to be inside except for special events. 

There have been a number of lower profile upgrades that are featured below but the next big upgrade that has to be on the front burner is the North End Zone Project. While it has a recruiting element providing better dressing rooms, training facilities and meeting rooms, it also contains a Title IX element freeing up office space in the south end zone that can in turn open better office space for other sports. The project also contains a revenue element since it will feature premium seating spaces.

Asked when the project might finally move forward, Mohajir said, "When we have the money."

Since North End Zone is a revenue producing project it seems unlikely that any other major projects (major as in expensive) will be cleared to start until that project is at least underway. Clearing the financial hurdles for the North End Zone is going to be essential to getting any other expensive projects moving.

AState Athletic Director Terry Mohajir recently sent photos of the more recent improvements on Twitter.